Welcome to Hsin-Chu Primary School
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Our Principal --- Ms. Chang,SU Lin

The record of formal schooling and experiences

The Taibei municipally established female normal junior college graduates,the Hsinchu teachers' college educates research institute 40 study to divide into classes the graduation. Once director, educational administration director, principal duty and so on was appointed teacher's, lectures..


Vision of Education

  1. The value life education, the moral education and the democratic government by law education, the time can raise knows the law to obey the law, to toe the line, the onset and retreat should to the systematic modernized national.
  2. All administrative measures take the teaching as first, the student primarily.
  3. The implementation "teaches all comers without discrimination, teaches students in accordance with their aptitude" the idea, doesn't give up any student.
  4. Gives dual attention to the campus physics environment and the psychological environment construction, the time can penetrate the good campus culture, trains the student to improve the personality.
  5. "Everybody have the matter to be, everything some people does; Looks for a job does, cannot and so on the matter do ", emphasizes the division of labor, takes the achievements.
  6. The implementation normalization teaching, five nurtures advances in unison.
  7. Encourages the teacher to take advanced courses, takes the specialized knowledge to be able the raise.
  8. Unceasingly studies the improvement teaching material to teach the law, not only hoped the student can the joyful study, request the student to be able the effective study.
School Features

The chorus of Hsin-Chu primary

chorus.jpgThe chorus of Hsin-Chu primary School is a traditional school music group. It has been more than 20 years since it was established. Instructed by several outstanding music teachers, the chorus has won the first-rate prize without exceptions in every Hsin-Chu Music Contest and the North Regional Music Contest of Taiwan.

All the chorus boys and girls are intelligent and well-behaved students. Their brilliance deserves to be praised. Letˇ¦s applaud them for their excellence.


School Recorder Music Group

Established in 1998, the school recorder music group, instructed by Miss Jia Jing Lin, won the first place prize at the Hsin-Chu Music Contest in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001,2002 and 2003. Representing Hsin-Chu City, they also performed outstandingly at the North Regional Music Contest of Taiwan.

Recorder stared to be taught from grade 3 as part of the music curriculum because recorders are easy to carry about and to learn as well. The recorder is the leading musical instrument in the music talent show, which is held every year for the 5th and 6th graders inside school. You can see students playing the recorder voluntarily on campus; besides, many students are motivated to take part in the school recorder music group. For them, recorder playing brings them the sense of achievement and amusement. The limit to the group is 30 students. Each member should have passed the screening test and endures the hardship of consistent practice every school day. Indeed, what they gain from the music contest is more than the prizes. Itˇ¦s the honor and confidence that brighten their school life.

Supported and encouraged by the principal and other teachers, the school recorder music group will be handed down from generation to generation.



Orchestra, established in 1999, is composed by students ranging from grade2 to grade5. In addition to Miss Weng Jia You, several outside schoolteachers are appointed assistant instructors. In recent years, school orchestra has taken part in many concert and been appreciated by the public.
School orchestra is founded to cultivate musical education. The goal ultimately is to enrich studentsˇ¦ childhood and their whole lifetime with music.